Basic Corner Strips, and Jumbo Corners – In Detail

Sports play a very important part in our complete lifestyle development. In fact, it is a very important part of our modern lives in general! A vital part of any sports or play area is the safety of the participants. In this case, we are talking about protecting people from accidental injuries incurred when coming in contact with sharp and dangerous corners. By installing durable foam corner strips or jumbo 3D corners in play and sports areas, you can reduce injuries. Boing Safety supplies high-quality products that can be used in various play and sports areas. The most popular items are the basic corner strips, jumbo corners and wall pads. They provide protection to the people from hazardous and dangerous corners and edges.


BASIC CORNER STRIPS – Foam “basic” heavy-duty corner guard strips are the most common way to protect people from hazardous and dangerous corners and edges. With a length of 1 meter (39.4”) these are best used on longer sections. The inside dimensions of the basic corner strips are 39.5″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″ x 1/2″ and are available in 8 vibrant UV treated colors.

JUMBO CORNERS – Industrial grade “shock absorbing” foam corner padding are designed to add protection to hazardous and dangerous 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional corners. They can be used with the basic corner strips for full coverage. The jumbo corners are available in 2D and 3D formats. The two arms of the 2D jumbo, for example, are 5.25” long and 5/8” thick. When properly installed the jumbo corners help to reducing injuries, increase safety and limit liability. They can be used in all indoor and outdoor work & play activity areas. The urethane material has tough protective skin which is resistant to abrasion, is UV treated and is antibacterial. In most cases it can be installed using silicone or super-glue type adhesive. The 2D jumbo is available in Black or Yellow and the 3D jumbo is available in 10 bright UV treated colors.


There are thousands of different installation applications and each will vary based on surface materials, textures, temperature ranges, climatic conditions, moisture levels, etc. In principle, each of these conditions may require a slightly different adhesive solution for maximum effectiveness.


The basic corner strips and jumbo corners are just two of the many other high quality, heavy duty, commercial grade safety padding products offered by Boing Safety for use in sports and play areas.

Feel free to visit Boing Safety’s website to see the many other products that are offered as well as installation instructions and ideas on where and when to use. Boing Safety can also produce custom products but these are only available in very large, commercial quantities.

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