Say Goodbye to Hazardous Corner & Edges with Industrial Foam Bumper Protectors

When people think about industrial safety, they often imagine large scale catastrophes involving big machines, hazardous construction sites, electrocution, amputation and so on. However, each year tens of thousands of workers in all types of industrial and commercial facilities are subject to smaller injuries or physical discomfort due to bumping or hitting hard or sharp corners and surfaces. Each individual incident may be minor, but they add up in terms of loss of time and other costs.

boing Safety

In each industrial or commercial facility there are many locations from the loading dock to the front office that have hazardous edges and corners that may potentially lead to employee injuries of various types. Safety coordinators for all facilities are strongly encouraged to Increase safety and reduce liability by installing heavy duty Boing Safety industrial foam bumper protectors for hazardous corners and edges.


BASIC CORNER STRIPS – Our best sellers are the Basic Corner Strips which are “L” shaped foam padding approximately 39” (1 meter) long. The interior foam provides the shock absorption and the thick abrasion resistant outer skin, with anti-bacterial and waterproof properties, gives it long lasting durability. They are suitable for all indoor and outdoor work areas and available in a range of colors. Easy installation with silicone adhesive.


JUMBO CORNER GUARDS – While the strips are designed for longer sections, they are often used in combination with the matching Jumbo Corners available in 2D and 3D shapes to ensure complete coverage of hazardous locations. Jumbo Corner Guards have the same great properties as the Corner Strips.


ALUMINIUM REINFORCED – The aluminum reinforced strips are similar to the Basic Corner Strips, but they are thicker and have an aluminum reinforcement bracket inside the full length of the strip to give it more rigid strength. They are best suitable for locations where a more permanent installation is required such as on pillars and posts in a parking deck. It is recommended that they be attached with screws rather than just with silicone. Available in several colors.


ALUMINUM REINFORCED WITH REFLECTOR – These are the largest aluminum reinforced strips and include heavy duty reflective tape on the outside face. They are also 1 meter long but only available in black. These strips are also normally attached with screws.


SLIM V AND SLIM C – These are long narrow strips that were specifically designed to cover corner sections where there is not enough room to fit the wider Basic Corner Strip.

Slim_Grey                             Slim_V+Hand

FLAT PADS – As the name implies, these are narrow flat strips that can be separated into 4 stand-alone sections and applied to flat surfaces where a corner strip or corner guard is not required or too large to be effective.


PU FOAM STRIPS – The PolyUrethane foam strips are the latest addition to our padding line. They have highly visible broad yellow and black industrial stripes and are relatively narrow in diameter. There are 5 different shape profiles to meet diverse needs for protecting workers. Some include a slot on one length. Each piece comes with 3M self-adhesive tape, but can also be attached with silicone adhesive.


The greatest benefit of cushioned industrial foam bumper protectors for hazardous corners and edges is that wherever they are installed, they provide shock absorbing safety padding to protect workers from harm.

For additional information about our other products, as well as installation instructions and ideas on where and when to use, please visit our website at


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